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Northwest grocery managers, refrigeration service mechanics and contractors, and in-house grocery maintenance staff can find resources here that will help them take control of energy costs in their stores.

Take Control of Energy Cost in Your Stores!  
Talking about improving energy spending is easy; actually doing something about it is where the challenge begins. This resource maps out the steps necessary to assessing progress, prioritizing options, and making decisions as they relate to your store's potential energy savings.

Top Four Actions to Take Control of Energy Costs - for Senior Managers 
Involvement by senior management makes all the difference between short-lived gains and sustained performance improvement. Senior management action in four key areas is an essential foundation for a successful energy cost reduction program.

Top Five Actions to Take Control of Energy Costs - for Energy Coordinators & Facility Managers
In any grocery store there are certain operational details that have a big impact on the store's energy use. Outlined here are five of the most cost-effective actions you can take as the "go-to" person for energy management to get those details right.

Top Four Actions to Take Control of Energy Costs - for Service Mechanics & Contractors 
Here we describe four high-impact steps you can take with the help of your refrigeration technicians and other outside contractors to reduce energy cost in your stores.

Tracking Spreadsheet
This convenient tool provides an easy way to organize and view electric and gas billing data for up to 12 stores. Ongoing use of this tool enables you to detect upward trends in usage - the sign of a problem in need of attention. You can also use it to measure the progress of your energy management efforts - fewer kWh per day and lower energy cost per square foot.

Energy Awareness Tools for your Staff
Set up and maintain an energy-awareness program to help staff recognize how everyday work habits affect energy use. Click here to see these materials: a 4-minute video, store posters and stickers to remind staff of what they leanred in the video.

What's the "Greenest" Thing You Can Do for a Grocery Store? Tune-Up the Refrigeration
Grocery stores have some of the highest energy costs of any building type, half coming from refrigeration. Tuning up refrigeration can reduce energy bills by 3-10% and trim the store's carbon footprint by hundreds of thousands of pounds of CO2 annually. This tool provides a step-by-step guide to maximize refrigeration efficiency.

Additional Grocery Resources
Find recommendations and links to additional resources to help you with energy efficiency issues in your stores.

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